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What is Differences between Magistrate and Judge-Key Difference

Differences between Magistrate and Judge: –

Differences between Judge and Magistrate:- Judge and Magistrate are two legal terms that are often confused us to mean, it is generally believed that both the terms refer to one and the same person. Actually, Judge and Magistrate differ in more than one aspect. Let us study about this matter’s differences between them.

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Key DifferenceMagistrateJudge

Mean and Kinds

Magistrate connotes a local judicial officer who is so appointed to administer for enforce law in the jurisdiction.

Generally, Magistrates may be of two kinds –

1. Judicial magistrates: – in charge of dispensing judicial functions, and (Judicial Magistrates First Class and Judicial Magistrates Second Class)

2.Executive magistrates: –, responsible for executive functions.

A Judge is bestowed with more powers than a Magistrate (Judicial and Executive). A Judge implies a judicial officer who enforces law in the jurisdiction and appointed to decide cases in the court of law.

Judges in other word, hand, is a catch all term referring to all persons who perform a Judicial function. In this term includes Civil Judges, Sessions Judges, High Court judges, Supreme Court judges


A magistrate has less power than a Judge And handles Local, minor cases. Lower level criminal cases, misdemeanour cases, or need to be assigned to certain cases.


A judge has more power than a magistrate and handles Serious, complex cases, Criminal cases, High priority cases, federal cases, constitutional cases.

Appointed by

A magistrate Appointed by High Court and State Government.

A Judge Appointed by President and Governor.


May or may not possess law Degree

Must possess Law Degree


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