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Amendment Required to the GST Rate Schedule For Goods

I. The following amendments or additions are required to be made to the aforesaid document:

1.In S.No.22,-

(a) In the Nil rate column, the entry “Tender coconut water put in unit container and
carry a registered brand name [2202 90 90]”, may be read as:

“Tender coconut water other than put in unit container and carry a registered brand
name [2202 90 90]”.

(b)  In 12% rate column, in the entry “Fruit pulp or fruit juice based drinks [22029030]”,
tariff item 2202 90 30 may be read as 2202 90 20.

2.  In S.No.85, in the 28% rate column, the entry “Electrical machines and
having individual functions, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter

[8543]” may be omitted.“8543 Electrical machines and apparatus having individual 

functions, not specified or included elsewhere in this
chapter” is already covered in
the 18% rate column.

3. In the footnote below the Table which gives the list of goods for which the GST rates are yet to be decided by the GST Council, the following entries may be added:

(i) Cereals and flour put up in unit container and bearing a registered brand name.

(ii) Puja samagri including havan samagri will be under Nil category. However,
the exact formulation for the same is yet to be finalised.

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